The nation and faction Outer Heaven is currently looking for more RPers to make Outer Heaven more involved and living in the wasteland. Read Outer Heaven and go to the section called "purpose" for information on what it stands for. In addition to what's mentioned there, most soldiers in Outer Heaven feel like they need war as if it is "a part of them" and they "can't live without it", strictly believing they're unable to lead a normal life and that war is all they truly know. Thus, believing Outer Heaven gives them purpose in life.

These are important details you need to know before you start making your character. It's completely okay to dislike war or just be some sort of merchant within Fort Heaven. Characters you create could also be people who has defected or gone rouge or you could do me a favor and be loyal to Outer Heaven to the core. Optionaly, you can also read The Fallen Angels to understand the background of Outer Heaven. Please PM me your character if you decide to make one.

Thank you for reading.
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