Fallout 3

The Lone Wanderer's karma was good

Project Purity is activated without placing the FEV

Colonel Autumn is convinced to stand down

The Citadel is nuked and the Lyons family is killed

The Pitt becomes a beacon of a post-War industrial juggernaut under Ishmeal Ashur and its "working" class

Raven Rock is preserved, but then destroyed by Liberty Prime

Big Town is taught how to use small-arms such as pistols and rifles and successfully repels the mutants

The Declaration of Independence is preserved through the Capitol Preservation Society

The Lincoln Memorial is occupied by the freed slaves and Harkness is convinced to be an android

Paradise Falls turns hostile after a misunderstanding between the Wanderer and the guards

The ghouls of Tenpenny tower are slaughtered to the last zombie

Fallout: New Vegas

Mr. house gains control over New Vegas and the surrounding territories

The Remnants, including Moreno, fight in the battle of Hoover Dam. Their tenacity impresses even Mr. House

The Brotherhood bunker is destroyed and Veronica leaves for the Followers

Boone becomes a mercenary

Arcade is convinced to stay with the Followers

The state of Utobitha is destroyed, and Jacobstwon becomes an isolated haven for mutants.

The Fiends, only slightly weakened, attack Camp McCarren. They are repulsed by House's Securitrons

The Legate is killed in one on one combat, but General Oliver is convinced to leave

Nelson is reclaimed by the NCR


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