The Utah Wasteland
Utah Wasteland


Post-War US


Post-War state


New Canaanites, Tribals, Henderson's Enclave, Raiders

Major locations:

Salt Lake City, Zion Canyon, Phoenix Military Base

Nations near the wasteland:

Ceasar's Legion, The NCR, New Vegas, Outer Heaven

Map of Utah

Map of Utah and faction borders.


There are few safe places in the Utah Wasteland. The State was ravaged during the Great War in 2077.

The EnclaveEdit

In 2280 two years after their defeat in the Capitol Wasteland a small amount of Enclave personnel lead by Lt. Colonel Steven Henderson were sent East in Vertibirds to the pre-war base now known as Phoenix Military Base, During it's early days the Enclave had problems with the raiding tribe known as the White Legs but after 2281 they were greatly weakened by an unknown party and eventually wiped out by the 80s raiders.

The War of Utah LakeEdit

In 2284 the 80s were becoming a problem for the Enclave and the local tribes the Enclave began a war against the raiders and eventually the tribes offered to help combat the raiders, The Enclave accepted their help and with the tribes knowledge of the land and their skill in guerrilla warfare and the Enclaves advanced technology they pushed the 80s out of Utah lake the next year.

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