Vault 116 is located in the Columbia Commonwealth about 100 miles from the Capital Wasteland. It was the former home of Lachlan Hoffmann and many other Vault residents.


The main objective of Vault 116 was to house the employees of various companies such as Vault-Tec, RobCo and General Atomics. The Vault also housed an unusually large amount of robots.

Vaults Opening and Current StatusEdit

In the year 2276 January the 11th, the vault door was opened by the Enclave even though the overseer was informed about this and told to round the citizens up he thought it was a group of "wastelanders" that somehow found out how to open vaults.

So he rounded up the vault's security forces and robots to defend the vault from the "attack" only two Enclave personnel were killed most of the vault security died or surrendered and the overseer was killed with a wrench by Lachlan Hoffmann after he shot both of Lachlan's parents dead when they shut down the security system.

The surviving citizens of the vault were assimilated into the Enclave as soldiers, scientists, and citizens. Those who resisted integration into the Enclave were ultimately found and abducted by Enclave Shock Troopers, after which however... they were never seen again.

The Vault is currently being used as a "safe house" for the family members of certain members of the Enclave High Command whom are obsessed with old, precautionary U.S government disaster and/or emergency contingencies.

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