Vault 89 is a Vault-tec vault located in the ruins of La Grande, now Grande Ronde City.

Construction Edit

Construction of Vault 89 began in 2055 and finished in 2072 due to labor shortages, lack of resources, interests in other vaults, and vault size and location. The vault itself was among one of the largest vaults constructed by Vault-Tec, able to hold a maximum of 1,300 people.

Garden of Eden Creation Kit Edit

Two Garden of Eden Creation Kits (G.E.C.K.s) were placed inside the vault by accident. Due to miscommunication, the two G.E.C.K.s intended for Vault 102 were placed in Vault 89's Beta Section on October 22, 2077.

Vault 76 Edit

La Grande was one of the original sights among the roster chosen for Vault 76 to celebrate the United States' tricentennial in 2076. The selection was narrowed down to La Grande, Philadelphia, and the Flatwoods area of West Virginia. When construction of the vaults in each area began in 2065, the title of Vault 76 would go to the Flatwoods area vault in West Virginia due to complications with the construction of the La Grande vault, and the change of use for Philadelphia's Vault 72.

Experiment Edit

Vault 89's experiment consisted of having two separate groups, Alpha and Beta, in different sections of the vault. Both groups were taught by their overseers that the other group was out to kill them. This resulted in great distrust between both groups, as any bad thing was blamed on the other group; even though their was no way of entering the other group's section without their overseer's access card to the only door between both sections. Both groups were to initially have no idea of the other and entered on seperate sides of the vault; the East and West vault doors.

Alpha Experiment Edit

The Alpha Section of the vault was heavily overpopulated with 950 residents in a space meant for 400. Alpha Group's reactor was set to fail 6 months after the bombs fell; and all advanced technicians and tools required for the repairs were located in the underpopulated Beta Section. Alpha Group was filled with an attractive and highly fertile populace, as well as convicts who had been arrested for murder and theft, and was understocked with all but weapons, armor, and ammunition. The Overseer was to monitor the residents and held a room full of food, water, and other crucial supplies.

Beta Experiment Edit

The Beta Section of the vault was heavily underpopulated, with 50 residents in a space meant for 900, and was more than twice the size of the Alpa Section. Beta Group was filled with those largely or completely incapable of reproducing and had a population of predominantly homosexual men and women. The Overseer was chosen to be young and inexperienced, with no knowledge of the experiment.

2 months after the vault was closed the Overseer's of each group was to recieve an automated message concerning the other section of the vault and plans as to what to tell their residents: the other group was out for blood and sabotage.

The Great War and Aftermath Edit

When the Great War took place on October 23, 2077, two Chinese nukes targeted the La Grande area. ICBMDF-Oregon dissarmed one of the nukes, while the second hit near the Brown Military Base. With all residents secured and accounted for, the experiments began.

Alpha Group Edit

Main Article: Vault 89 Alpha Group

Alpha Group's reactor began outputting less and less power until it was surprisingly repaired 4 months after the bombs fell. 1 year after the bombs fell, Alpha Group began a ritual of placing its members in gladiatorial combat, where the weakest were killed. The Overseer was chosen once every year through the games, with whoever bested the current Overseer assuming their position. Crimes such as theft were punishable by death. Even though Alpha Group was told of Beta Section's vast space and resources, they believed it to be a trick set up by Beta Group to exterminate everyone in the Alpha Section.

Beta Group Edit

Main Article: Vault 89 Beta Group

Beta Group dealt with loneliness due to the size of their vault and low numbers of residents. Many residents began experiencing depression thinking the Alpha Section was made up by the overseer. This resulted in her death 3 years after the bombs fell and the destruction of her access card. With births rare in the Beta Section, the population grew slowly and was usually stagnant or fell until the new generation of residents were able to reproduce. With the first child's death soon after birth, morale was crushed.

After 15 years of confinement, the Alpha Section reactor stopped working, members of the Alpha Group killed their overseer and took his keycard. They opened the door connecting the two sections and were greeted with and empty room. The two groups met and the population, resource, and mental problems of both sections were mostly solved. The newly joined groups began holding elections for Overseer once a year and set up a council, with elections every 6 months. (Vault 89 Politics)

After 20 years of isolation, half of Vault 89 left the confines of their vault to repopulate La Grande. Those who went were called Alpha Group, while those who stayed were called Beta Group. Alpha Group used a G.E.C.K. and settled the mostly intact ruins of La Grande. 18 months later, a pair of drunk teenagers armed with a screwdriver blew up the dissarmed and partially dismantled warhead outside of La Grande, resulting in a small nuclear explosion the ruined nearly half the city.

11 years later, the remaining residents left the vault for good, using it's their G.E.C.K. to form Grande Ronde City in 2154. Using the remaining resources from the vault, the residents quickly grew Grande Ronde City into a large and prosperous settlement.

Grande Ronde City Edit

The Vaults former residents would go on to establish Grande Ronde City atop the ruins of pre-war La Grande. Still in great half decent condition. The Vault serves as a storage facility and bunker/safe-house in emergencies. The Cascadian Republic, upon annexation of Grande Ronde City, uses the vault for the same purposes; with a secure research wing, hydroponics farm, and barracks added in previously unused sections in accordance with the Vault Restoration Act.

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