Vault 93 is a Vault-tec vault located southeast of the Capital Wasteland. It is found beneath the ruins of Jackson, Mississippi.

Background Edit

Vault 93 was marketed as the hood vault that "keep the hood alive". In truth, the vault's concept was to see if people would keep being criminals after the hood was bombed, and how they would react if another hood appeared. This explains why it was built in the extremely dangerous town Detroit, Michigan.

Teddy's discovery Edit

While traveling, Teddy stumbled across the vault by accident. Once inside, he discovered it was full of Deathclaws. By using a Stealth Boy, Teddy managed to sneak past the beasts, finding several holodisks and notes. They read as such:

Arthur's Note Edit

It happened. The bombs finally fell, everyone in the hood was rescued, including my family. I have no idea how people are doing out there, dear god. Speaking of which, to calm the people down, i have tried to recite the Ten Commandments. Only Radmiel has calmed down, and the children are crying more than i can handle. I hope the "Overseer" is competent, we must remember to be brave.

Saturday, 9:53, 2077.

Arthur's second note Edit

Shortly after my previous note, i was suprised to hear i had been chosen for Overseer. Although i am excited, i'm not sure i can lead people as exceptionally like al capone. Will our hood ever be changed? And are we stocked up on food and water?

Saturday, 10:7, 2077

Holodisk 1 Edit

My great great great great grandfather once told my great great grandmother about the apocalypse. She was frightened to death, and when Satan teleported into our realm, everything was gone he said. I've heard some tell me that that is a speculation, they must be his followers.

Monday, 13:45, 2154

Holodisk 2 Edit

Satan has located us, and he has sent his elite demons after us, i can hear a loud bang on our door. *Deathclaw roar, followed by a loud smashing sound* Go back to hell you foul demon! God's light has protected us from your treachery for many ages, and he still does! May your foul stench be eliminated by the wonderous lig- *scream*.

Wednesday, 21:27, 2283

After looting the area, Teddy closed the vault door shut, just as his Stealth Boy wore off. No other visits to the Vault have been recorded, so it is presumably still a Deathclaw infested hellhole.