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Vault 99 is the only Vault-Tec Vault found in Point Lookout. Originally, it housed a large amount of inhabitants, including Theo.


The main objective of Vault 99 was to see how phobias develop over time and how people cope with their greatest fears coming true, Vault 99 dwellers were raised being told that the outside world was dangerous, inhabited only by evil monsters and mutants. They were specifically taught to fear radiation.

Over many years a fear of radiation was drilled in to their minds. Eventually the vault's test came in to play and radioactive waters flooded the underground hallways. There was only one person to escape the flood.

The FloodEdit

When the radioactive waters flooded the vault, panic was close behind. All the dwellers had be raised with the knowledge of two things:
1) The Vault was life.
2) Radiation was death.

Their whole concept of reality crumbled in an instant, some ran and hid, others took thier own lives, a few even retained thier sanity only to be murdered by the insane dwellers or drowned by the flood. The only survivour, Theo, avoided the radiation as he was in de-com at the time of the flood and wore a radiation suit to protect himself.

Known ResidentsEdit

  • Theo
  • Miss King
  • Bob Featz

By Jasper

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