Vault X
Experimental Subject
POW Subject exposed to FEV grenade experiments.


Military Hub
Test Lab


50 scribes.

Military Reserves:

1000 Soldiers.
20 Child Soldiers.


Outer Heaven
The Fallen Angels

Vault X is a vault located in West Virginia and is controlled by Outer Heaven. It's protected by Outer Heaven's military known as The Fallen Angels.


Experimental VaultEdit

Like all other vaults made by Vault-Tech before the great war in 2077, the vaults were made so that the remnants of the US Government, now known as The Enclave, could experiment on different survival tactics, human mentality et cetera.

Before it was known as Vault X, it was numbered Vault 4. This Vault was chosen to experiment how humans could handle secret and minor, yet prolonged exposure to the FEV virus. Eventually, over the course of ten years, the vault dwellers had to evacuate, most having died. They believed the vault to be cursed, and they were right, it was cursed by The Enclave.

Outer Heaven: Chemical Warfare ExperimentsEdit

In the year 2295, Outer Heaven sent scouts to the east to spread its influence to the east. In the process, they found the vault. Since The Demon was a former member of The Enclave, he knew that this vault, along with any other vaults, was made for experimental purposes. He advised that the Fallen Angels should be carefull and look for signs of experiments, saying that they should start with The Overseer's Office as all forms of secret information allready given by The Enclave should be stored there. And they found the information, including where all the small FEV containers were hidden.

When informed that the vault stored old FEV containers, The Demon got the idea of chemical warfare. That's when they started to carefully experiment on FEV Grenades. As all people and creatures in the wasteland, save people who has lived in the heavenly vaults, has been exposed to radiation, a weapon like that was bound to offer high casualties towards enemies. The Fallen Angels moved the FEV containers to a make-shift quarantine zone where only Outer Heaven scribes could enter. There, Outer Heaven and The Fallen Angels started their horrific experiments on POWs among others, testing a new era of chemical weapons.

Vault X (WIP)Edit

Renamed Vault X and deleted from Enclave data files by Outer Heaven hackers due to the secret experiments going on there, Vault X also became the main base for Fallen Angels in the West Virginian Wasteland. Because Outer Heaven hasn't set out to aggressively expand to the east, all of the soldiers assigned to the east coast is currently housed in Vault X aside from the patrolls. Fallen Angels come and go from the vault often as they've spread their mercenary business to the east too. WORK IN PROGRESS

Ambient musicEdit

Dangerous Experiments

Dangerous Experiments

Vault X - Combat

Vault X - Combat

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