War of Albany
Albany War


July 2294 - December 2294


Wyoming Wasteland
Albany Outpost

Parties involved

Outer Heaven
The Fallen Angels
The Great Khans

Notable battles

The Battle of Dead Man's Valley
Conquest of Western Albany


Outer Heaven victory
Outer Heaven annexation of Albany
Cold War between Outer Heaven and the Great Khans

"Explain to me... how did this happen? How did the NCR DO THIS!?" - "Khan... it's not the NCR..."
—Papa Khan and a Great Khan

The Albany War was a short conflict between Outer Heaven and the Great Khans. It was a complete massacre for the Great Khans with no losses in comparison for the Fallen Angels, although the Fallen Angels most definately was hurt.

The reason behind the massacre was that the Great Khans wasn't at all prepared for the conflict, to deal with Outer Heaven or counter attack, in addition to the fact that Outer Heaven gave everything they had in order to secure complete and utter humiliation for the Great Khans while giving the impression that they were unbeatable to their enemy.

The Great Khans only found out that this was everything Outer Heaven had after the war and has since massively militarized their borders and prepared properly for a new war.

The Blitz Edit

The conflict began first when Outer Heaven snuck in quickly and secretly surrounded Laramie and proceeded with a surprise attack from all fronts all while another force attacked Rock River. Within mere days, Laramie and Rock River was lost.

By the time the Great Khans got the news, it was already too late as Fallen Angels had already proceeded well on their way on the warpath towards Albany Outpost and other major locations. The Great Khans, lacking in technology and already having lost half of Wyoming, began a guerilla war to slow Outer Heaven down while they could reinforce Albany Outpost among other major areas.

Guerilla Warfare Edit

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