War of Utah Lake


September 10th 2282 - March 23rd 2283


Utah Wasteland

Parties involved

Henderson's Enclave
Utah Tribes
The 80s

Notable battles

Battle of Provo
Battle of Spanish Fork


Enclave/Tribal victory
The 80s are pushed out of Utah Lake and it's surrounding areas
The tribes start calling the Enclave the Dark Warriors

Early in 2282 before the second battle of Hoover Dam the White Legs were defeated in Zion valley but their leader was spared and the White Legs retreated back to Salt Lake, weakened the raider group the 80s took advantage of this and eventually destroyed the White Legs taking their territory they begun causing a major problem to the Enclave as well as the towns and tribes around Utah Lake and in September Henderson's Enclave begun raids on their camps, not long after the tribes joined and in March next year the 80s were defeated and pushed out of Utah Lake.

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