Warden Harryson is a young traveler and brotherhood scout, he used to map areas and sell it to many factions, at the age of 19 he meet an NCR ranger lost in the desert seeking information. Warden stopped to talk with the ranger, they talked for a long time they became friends and warden gave him one of his local maps helping the ranger to make trough the desert. The life of Warden is about to change for ever. Warden live in DC also know as the capital wasteland. And wandered stopped to think how did a NCR ranger came so far. And why did'nt attacked him?.
Brotherhood Of Steel Soldier

Life In The WastelandEdit

Living off making maps and scavenging for supplies Warden had a dangerous life many times he meet enclave squads but never really had any contact with the squads and sometimes he purchase a fight in the taverns of megaton, Warden borned in the vault 101 son of William Harryson and Laura Harryson he dint maked part of any events of the vault he dint came to the Lone Wanderer birthdayparty of his 10 years and never were mentioned about any citzen after the the doctor james scape of the vault Warden followed james unoticed and left the vault. he went to the DC ruins meeting an brotherhood of steel patrol one of its soldiers came to talk with him askin what a young man where doing in the dangerous ruins of the DC quickly he awesered that was lost as the soldier removes the helment Warden foud out that the soldier where a Woman serving the army of steel Warden asked to become part of the brotherhood the patrol took him to ther base and asked to the Elder to join the brotherhood the elder sended him to the training ground where Warden trained hard to become a great scout. He meet an enclave trooper while scouting the soldier was wounded warden quickly helped him to recover they quickly became friends carriyng the spirit of union of the two factions.

Weapons And SkillsEdit

Armed with a custom gatling gun with a ironsight and laser target skilled in the art of the ernegy weapons and master of agility and endurace. As a scout Warden dint used stealth suits he uses a Traditional Power armor.

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