William Antonio Ekerd
Officer Ekerd
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William Antonio Ekerd, highly-esteemed and decorated "Valors Medal" Enclave officer, the youngest talent in all of the High Command.
Born 10/13/2245 - Capital Wasteland, "Site R" CoG Raven Rock Mountain Complex
Race Pure/pure-strain human
Affiliation The Enclave
Role Enclave Officer Veteran
Seasoned expert in the most heavily advanced form(s) of state-of-the-art technology; specializing in cybernetic implantation, and Vertibird fusion recycling.
Location Falls Edge - Bottom 3rd level, likely in council with Enclave High Command.
Level 35
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ST 3
PE 10
EN 4
CH 6
IN 9
AG 2
LK 4
Skills Tag Skills:
Energy Weapons
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Overview[edit | edit source]

William Antonio Ekerd is a member of the Enclave and more specifically, it's leadership remnant, Enclave High Command. He is the youngest member to hold a seat on the Enclave's High Command, being only the relatively mild (for the Enclave) age of 35, specializing in the technical side of tactical battle and battle planning, as well as naval and robotics engineering.

Background[edit | edit source]

Growing up in Raven Rock, Ekerd always had a life-long fascinating passion for the Enclave's Vertibirds, hoping to some day become a pilot. As he grew older and more attentive however, his skillset was ultimately found to be incompatible with the requirements for an apt Vertibird pilot. His eyesight was always rather poor, and his hand tremors also impacted his ability to maintain vigilant control over a Vertibird's cockpit controls.

Depressed with his inherent limits, he instead opted to become a battlefield adviser for Verti-Assault teams, still hoping to remain at least somewhat close to his childhood dream. First entering service assisting Enclave R&D personnel in the Capital Wasteland at the Satcom Array NW-07c, he was nearly killed by a Brotherhood Outcast raid on the barely operational antenna array, but was saved, just barely by an Enclave Sigma contingency squad.

With his left leg permanently crippled and his nerves forever scarred by the near-death experience, resulting in a limp and traumatic flashbacks for the rest of his days, Ekerd was sent to the Adams Air Force Base to assist the Department of the Army with mild security detail, logistical documentation, and improving the Mobile Base Crawler's robotics and security mainframe.

Proving very useful in this more or less desk-job profession, far more so than he ever had out on the field, he was consistently promoted and even received a special commendation for his role in improving the VTOL Vertibird's dual rotor-wing integrity. Sometime after, he left with the rest of the Enclave at the behest of Enclave High Command and traveled to the coast of what was Rhode Island.

As one of the relative few surviving Enclave officers from the conflict with the Brotherhood in the Capital Wasteland, he eventually found himself a seat on High Command as the new representative of the Enclave's Air Corps. Despite not being able to pilot the Vertibird's, he was able to get closer to his beloved aircraft more so than even he imagined in his younger, less troubling years...

RP Developments/Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Officer Ekerd recently personally assisted Enclave High Command in procuring a favorable trading franchise and overall military alliance with the likes of the rising Outer Heaven, and helped sign the secretive Fort Heaven Treaty.
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