The only known portrait of Wolff.
Born 2258
Race Human
Affiliation Vault-Tec (Formerly)
Role Vault Dweller (Formerly) Child Mercenary
Location Mojave Wasteland
Level 20
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. S:2 P:3 E:2 C:8 I:10 A:4 L:5
Skills Robotics, War tactics, debating, convincing others to side with something
Perks Child At Heart, Lady Killer, Enhanced Sensors
Derived stats 90HP 15DT

Personality Edit

Wolff is a kind but defensive, he loves all things science and math. He deeply cares for his friends and allies, along with his pet dog: Full-moon. He is willing to do what's right to defeat anyone that is threatening him and his friends. He is a genius for his age, he's so smart he was even able to build him a new arm from vault-tech equipment. Wolff is very sensitive when it comes to his family, for his family was killed, he was an orphan all his life in the vault. He refuses to be pushed around by anyone, and will physically and mentally fight back against them. He originally resided in Vault 27.

Appearance Edit

Wolff is a 5'6" 20-Year-old male that has a bionic arm made from remains of vault tech items. He has a childish face with a small but noticeable scar on his forehead. His suit of armor's outer rim is white, with black armor on the inside.

Arsenal Edit

Wolff's arsenal contains: an extended combat knife, spiked brass knuckles, a .45 magnum, assault carbine, a grenade launcher, a plasma carbine, Modified Chinese stealth armor that can withstand more damage, and his dog has heavy dog armor, and a pip boy 3000. Wolff also owns a salvaged assaultron, Named Viper.

Biography Edit

Wolff lived with his loving family as a child. But then when radiation began spreading everywhere, his parents were killed, and his brother tried to attack him. Desperate and alone, Wolff hid in a vault. Befriending a small pup he named Full-moon. When coming out of the vault, he was attacked by a feral ghoul and lost his arm. On the verge of death Wolff began taking scraps and parts of Vault-tech merchandise and created a bionic arm, saving his life. Now he roams the Mojave Wasteland as a teenaged mercenary with his life-long freind and pet: Full-moon. He is now the adopted son and friend of Exobyte.

Relationships Edit

Wolff's life long friend and pet: Full-moon, is a half breed between a german shepherd and a grey wolf. Wolff met Full-moon when he was alone in a vault as a pup.

Exobyte- Wolff met exobyte when traveling in the desert. He and Exobyte became friends and went exploring together, and through hearing Wolff's story about his parents and living alone all those years reminded him about his life, and so Exobyte decided to adopt him and treat him as a son.

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